Friday, September 12, 2014


Having your home broken into can result in financial cost to repair and replace property, and can have a major impact on how safe you feel at home. However, we can all play a proactive role in making our home and community safer.

Burglar breaking into a home

Here are some tips for making your home safer:
  1. make sure your locks on your doors and windows work properly and meet Australian standards
  2. always lock doors and windows when you leave the house, or if you are away from entry points, on the phone or in the garden
  3. do not leave keys in an easily available location. Leave spare keys with a trusted friend or neighbour
  4. consider a safe if you have jewellery or other items of value to you
  5. if you like pets, consider getting a dog
  6. fit an alarm system that covers all external doors, windows and garages. It should meet Australian alarm standards for domestic purposes
  7. keep trees and shrubs trimmed to allow a clear view of your house from the street
  8. lock tools in a garden shed or garage
  9. consider installing sensor lighting in your yard
  10. if you purchase expensive items such as a new TV, cut up the box before recycling. Boxes left on the nature strip can let burglars know what is new in your house
  11. back-up computer hard drives and keep these copies in a different location to prevent the loss of information on your computer
  12. mark your property using an engraver or ultra-violet markers, with a 'V' (for Victoria) followed by your licence number. These markers are available to buy from various electrical stores. Marked property is much harder for burglars to resell
  13. join Neighbourhood Watch and be an active part of crime prevention in your community.

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  1. Erm.......... This is quite dangerous when we didn't have any Alarm Systems, would recommend, at least install a IP Surveillance, although it can't make alert, but usually burglar will not risk themselves to break-in.